• Brass-Tacks
  • A note to GNDC members from GNDC President and CEO

    You likely saw the announcement that President Biden was issuing executive orders aimed at fighting the pandemic. One of those orders is for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to mandate employee vaccination in business with 100 or more employees or conduct weekly testing. Employers failing to comply would face significant fines. I saw the announcement with great concern because GNDC has long believed in the right of employers to determine policies for their operations and workforce.

    In the case of requiring COVID-19 vaccinations, regardless of the level of government, businesses should neither be required to vaccinate employees nor prevented from requiring the vaccination. Further, the announcement requiring the vaccine for private enterprises sets a frightening precedent that could be used to justify any manner of regulation on business. 

    GNDC has released an official statement. We will be providing regular updates as this situation evolves and plan to continue working with state and federal government officials and our partners across the country to elevate free-market principles and amplify our members' voices.

    Arik Spencer