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  • Agency Approp. Bill Breakdown - HB 1012 (DOT)

    Agency Approp. Bill Breakdown - HB 1012 (DOT)


    GNDC builds and maintains relationships with many departments of government because we know that these relationships are important for our members. Drilling into state agency efforts was a major piece of our policy development process prior to this legislative session.

    Fun fact: Every single GNDC team member has worked for a state agency, each - for at least 5 years (some way more). It’s not a prerequisite for hiring but it’s funny coincidence that lays a great foundation. This background knowledge and experience gives our team a leg-up in understanding appropriation bills – which are the dollar-bucks budget bills for each agency.

    We’ve been looking hard at these agency appropriations that have cleared a chamber and are starting work again. We are making sure the priorities of our members get the attention they need. We will continue to breakdown these agency bills as they are important to our members and can be pretty massive due to the amount of work expected and carried out. The DOT bill is a behemoth and to say it covers the state is an understatement.

    $2.4 Billion DOT Appropriations bill, has passed out of the House with a vote of 86 yeas and 5 nays. Some items included in the bill are as follows:

    • 16 new FTEs, of which 2 will be traveling CDL testing positions to provide more accessibility to rural locations (at sites that meet the criteria.)
      • Operating funding of $151,976 was provided to help facilitate this.
    • $490M Federal discretionary funds and match
    • $115M State flexible transportation fund. This will be used for city, county, and township roads.
    • Lines of credit with BND
      • $50M for Hwy 85. This will enable DOT to access matching funds quickly if they receive a grant.
      • $28.5M, contingent on matching funds from MN, to address northern Red River Valley flooding issues impacting roadways.
    • $6.25M Roadway management system project
    • $2.010M Automated vehicle location, provide information on the location on snowplows
    • $5M Flood projects: studies, preliminary engineering, and environmental studies to address northern Red River Valley impacted infrastructure
    • Construction of a rest area and visitor center in western North Dakota – in the Painted Canyon area.
    • Requires 50% of the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax revenues to be transferred to the State Highway Fund.
      • Traditionally, all funds have been transferred to the General Fund.
    • Enables of carryover funds to be used, including $10M for the maintenance and improvement of township paved and unpaved roads and bridges. This also includes the ability to use $35M of bond proceeds.
    • $8M for the short line rail loan program 
    Infrastructure is one leg of our three-legged stool of our policy positions. We know that this is key for the movement of goods and services and is essential to connect North Dakota to the global market.