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  • Career Builders - HB 1030 and 1240

    Career Builders - HB 1030 and 1240

    Workforce is an area of interest for all GNDC members. Therefore, when a bill comes along that seeks to provide a solution for training and retaining in areas of high impact – we cheer. Career Builders was introduced in the 2019 Legislative Session with our support. This public-private partnership is a scholarship and loan repayment program geared towards retaining top talent in our state in demand occupation. 

    The initial allocation required private match funds, signifying industry engagement. To date the program has served 274 individuals, and GNDC is a big fan. 

    This is a bill we don’t bat an eye at cheering for; we provided testimony in the HB 1030’s hearing to reauthorize the program.

    Insider’s peek: Testimony on this bill

    “The ability to have access to a skilled workforce is a critical issue for our members.  Because of that, one of our policy goals is to support collaborative efforts between the private sector and educational institutions to better meet workforce needs. Career Builders is a program that helps enable two and four-year educational institutions to be responsive in meeting the training needs of the business community.”
    Dana Hager, Economic Development Association of North Dakota
    "Workforce availability is the most significant challenge facing North Dakota businesses. This limits the growth potential of the state's economy. EDND supports the development of workforce attraction, development and retention strategies that address the needs of the state’s businesses. During a time when every tool to educate, train and retain our future workers is essential, please consider a do-pass for HB 1030."

    Now this isn’t the only bill pertaining to Career Builders – HB 1240 is out there. This one we are still learning about. 
    There are three things that this bill does to Career Builders
    What it does:

    1. Adds the teacher occupation to the list of potential scholarship recipients but specifies application only to the final two years
    2. Expands who can contribute the required match to include public entities.
    3. Increases the program dollars as well as increase flexibility between the grant and scholarship program 

    Tim Blasl, North Dakota Hospital Association
    "Hospitals support this bill because it helps with the number one challenge: workforce. The skilled workforce student loan repayment program and skilled workforce scholarship program help attract and retain individuals with professional and technical skills. During times of workforce shortages, programs like these become so valuable."