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  • GNDC launches business climate survey

    The Greater North Dakota Chamber (GNDC) has launched a business climate survey to assess the regulatory and business environment in the state. The goal is to discover the benefits and concerns of businesses to influence policy at a state level. Business decision makers are encouraged to complete the survey to ensure their voice is represented. 

    “As we aim to help our state realize its economic potential, the information provided from the responses will aid policymakers in crafting legislation,” states GNDC CEO and President, Arik Spencer. “The survey aims to identify barriers that may be stifling our success and examine ways to unleash the potential of the private sector. It’s businesses who carry the load of generating the state’s gross domestic product (GDP) and safeguarding our future.”

    The survey will be conducted by the Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth at North Dakota State University. All individual responses will be kept confidential. The results will be shared at GNDC’s flagship event, Policy Summit, on September 27 through a discussion and response panel.  

    Average completion time is eight minutes. Businesses that complete the survey before June 1, will receive a discount of $25 to attend Policy Summit. Members and non-members can submit their responses to acquire the discount code. 

    The survey can be found here.
    The results will be published and available prior to the Organizational Session of the 68th Legislative Assembly.