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  • HB 1175: COVID-19 Liability - The Coalition

    HB 1175: COVID-19 Liability - The Coalition

    On January 27th, Arik Spencer, GNDC President and CEO, testified in front of House Industry, Business and Labor in support of HB 1175.
    GNDC organized a coalition of 30 organizations to call for state lawmakers to pass legislation that protects businesses and workers. By offering civil liability protection, the bill recognizes that businesses and organizations from all industries have worked hard to stay open and provide ongoing goods, services, and employment that North Dakotans and the economy rely upon.

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    WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? What are Coalition Members saying:

    Russ Hanson, Associated General Contractors of North Dakota
    "Construction, like so many other businesses, worked hard to stay in operation during this pandemic and we were successful. Construction never took a major pause in 2020 nor thus far in 2021. With that, businesses need protection from frivolous civil liability lawsuits when we, amongst others, have acted in good faith and followed applicable COVID 19 regulations/orders to keep employees safe while continuing to provide the essential service our industry provides. We believe HB 1175 provides that."

    Jill Beck, North Dakota Association of Realtors
    "Last spring, as the pandemic started, we did not know where our industry would head as real estate is typically a business with face-to-face contact from all aspects starting with the initial client contact with a REALTOR® to the closing table and everything in between. We were happy that real estate was able to keep moving our economy forward during this time and did not have to shut down business. State and federal guidelines were put in place (sometimes changing daily), we created some of our own guidance for our members as well as best practices. Safety of our members and the clients they serve is a top priority. HB 1175 COVID Liability Protection bill is needed."

    Katie Mastel, Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce
    Many businesses, in good faith, followed public health guidelines to the best of their ability, and as such, deserve the assurance that their responsibility in taking those appropriate measures relieves them from facing additional financial hardships due to frivolous lawsuits.
    As session began, our members were very vocal about their need for liability protection from unwarranted COVID-19 lawsuits as they recognize the sizeable threat that these lawsuits carry. On behalf of our over 2,000 members, our Chamber is in strong support of business liability protection.