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  • Legislative Update for Week 2

    Legislative Update for Week 2

    One week in, 78 days left to gavel in. The first week of session is about setting a rhythm of how session will work. Committees are meeting and bills are dropping. Before the start of the week, GNDC was tracking 71. The biggest area of action that our team took in this past week was specific to DOT and transportation.

    • HB 1012: NDDOT Appropriations
      • highlights included their request to shift to receiving general funds, increased flexibility in spending, and additional FTEs.
      • GNDC supports
    • HB 1102: Granting NDDOT authority to apply for federal grants
      • GNDC supports
    • HB 1081: EV charging tax study
      • GNDC supports
      • Committee reported a “do pass” recommendation
    • Three bills we are monitoring related to Transportation
      • HB 1103: Continued appropriation for federal match from infrastructure revolving loan fund
      • SB 2063: National electric vehicle infrastructure (NEVI) program authorization and appropriation
      • SB 2113: Creation of a flexible transportation fund 
        • Received a do-pass out of committee

    Why does GNDC care about these items? Infrastructure and transportation for efficient movement of goods and services is critical to the economy of our state. The success, reliability, and availability of this sector touches each industry and every citizen. We are connected to the global market through these corridors.

    Insider’s Peek: Check out a testimony snippet from our support of 1102 (Authority for federal grants):
    one of our policy priorities is to ensure existing maintenance needs are met, along with future needs.  An objective of ours is to support both Federal infrastructure funds designated for North Dakota and flexible matching state appropriations to maximize investment.

    • A few bills we LOVE (more about that soon)
      • HB 1168 – Automation Tax Credit
      • HB 1030 – Career Builders Reauthorization
    • Dept of Career and Technical Education (CTE)
    • Dept of Commerce
    • Industrial Commission
    • The tax bills