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  • Marvin Distribution Center holds Ribbon Cutting

    Marvin Distribution Center holds Ribbon Cutting

    GNDC was invited to attend the ribbon cutting of Marvin's new West Fargo Distribution Center. Located at 100 9th St NE, West Fargo, this expansion adds 148,000 sq. feet to Marvin's distribution center. This is the first of a two-step expansion. A 127,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility will also be brought online in Fargo mid- year 2022. Marvin, a GNDC Cornerstone member, currently operates 6 facilities with more than 1,700 employees in Fargo and West Fargo. 
    We met with Sr. Director of Operations, Chris Barta, and Community Relations Manager, Cairn Reisch, during the event to discuss the benefits of the center to the state.
    GNDC: What prompted the remodel and addition?
    Barta: Growth. When COVID hit we thought business was going to slow down…and it did for a very short time. Since that dip in about April of 2020, we have been growing like crazy. Part of this growth is just keeping up with that. The building that we are adding is what we call a distribution center. Right now we ship out of this facility and another facility on the West Fargo campus. This new facility will about double the space we have available to ship out of and about double the number of dock doors we have available to ship from. It will grow capacity and efficiency. Not only for our shipping areas, but the space that is freed up in those two facilities will now have more space for production capacity.

    GNDC: What will this addition add to the community?
    Jobs and opportunity. This facility is opening this week and another new one (opening in April) will create about 150 new jobs in total. The new facility will focus on the production of Ultrex, our proprietary fiberglass pultrusion which is made at Tecton, another Marvin company. This will more than double the manufacturing capacity of that facility and promote growth.

    GNDC: Is Marvin hiring?
    Yes! As mentioned, this expansion will create approximately 150 new jobs for Fargo-area residents. Positions start at $20 an hour with benefits eligibility on your first day of employment, without a waiting period. Benefits include healthcare, 401(k) match, profit sharing and more. Marvin recently introduced a $300 well-being your way reimbursement program for team members, and announced Better Living Week, where all Marvin facilities will be closed for one week at the end of 2022 to allow all employees paid time off to recharge.