• June 18 Emergency Commission Summary

    Emergency Committee Members: Chair Governor Burgum, Secretary of State Al Jaeger, Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner, House Majority Leader Chet Pollert, Senate Appropriations Chair Ray Holmberg, House Chair or Appropriations Jeff Delzer

    Focus: Allocations of CARES Act Federal Funds and Coronavirus Relief Funds

    Agenda - minutes of this meeting and past will be available here

    Specific Items of business impact: 
    Commerce funds $69,679,000 (total of the two parts below)
    contact Commerce for additional questions

    • ND Economic Resiliency Grant Program -$68,679,000 Grant funding to businesses to promote a safe return to the marketplace and improve consumer confidence.
      • Grants up to $50,000 per business ($100,000 for business with multiple locations) for investments in protective equipment, supplies, and other improvements to reduce contact and attract customers and employees (i.e. PPE, anti-microbial treatments, equipment and physical improvements that reduce contact, etc.)
      • Maximum amounts to be re-evaluated after initial round of grant applications are received and reviewed. 
    • ND Smart Restart Technical Skills Training Grant Program -$1,000,000
      • Grant funding to support workforce training programs for displaced workers seeking to develop the technical skills necessary to make a career change and remain gainfully employed in North Dakota.
      • Max Amt: $100,000 per program. Training provider must provide 1:1 match. 
    Job Service North Dakota
    • Unemployment Trust Fund -$200,000,000
      • Contribution to the Unemployment Trust Fund to maintain solvency and replenish the fund to minimize the impact to employer tax rates
      • Estimated amount needed through the end of September 2020.
    Governor's Press Release - ND Emergency Commission approves additional $406M in federal funds for COVID-19 response and recovery