• ​May 14 Press Conference Summary

    ​May 14 Press Conference Summary

    Current COVID-19 case numbers in North Dakota: (+67) 1,712 total, 40 deaths, 1,007 recovered
    Speakers: Governor Burgum

    Focus: Implementing practice for serial testing in nursing homes.

    • Test entire facility including staff followed by the same practice 1 week later.    
    Additional points of note:
    • Vulnerable and homeless populations
      • Mobile testing operation being stood-up for homeless and vulnerable populations
      • Downtown Fargo location went live today and is set-up to do 50 tests per day
    • Governor Burgum and Commerce Commissioner met with President Trump 5/13/20
      • ND share of Federal programs
        • 287,000 direct impact payments - $510,000 million
        • 18,400 CARES Act loans - $1.7 billion
    Other issues covered: Primary Elections – All 53 counties have decided to go solely mail-in ballot 

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