• October 14 Press Conference Summary

    October 14 Press Conference Summary

    Current COVID-19 Case Numbers in North Dakota: 28,947 total positive cases, 4,759 active confirmed cases, 23,823 recovered, 365 deaths
    Speakers: Governor Burgum, Chris Jones Executive Director ND Department of Human Services

    Focus: Elevating risk levels, following guidelines will slow the spread

    Additional points of note:
    • Moving forward to address slowing spread
      • ND has worked to preserve freedoms during the pandemic.
        • The challenge has been the fact that people have deeply held beliefs.
        • Often these beliefs are on opposite sides of the issue.
      • Leaders show love to their people.
        • Wearing a mask is a way to show love to your friends, co-workers, employees at the businesses you frequent, vulnerable populations, and everyone in our state.
      • We need to follow strategies that have been outlined
        • Distancing, masking, washing hands, staying home when you are sick.
        • These all work if we do them.
    • Positivity Rates
      • North Dakota has a 8.1% positivity rate over the last 7 days.
      • The trend line is going the wrong way. 
      • ND is not out of available beds for COVID-19 patients. 
      • 15,000 of the new rapid (15 min) test kits have arrived in North Dakota.
        • Most of these tests will be used at long term care facilities.
    • Long Term Care Situation
    Other issues covered: Complete the Census – tomorrow is the last day to complete it. Recovery Reinvented virtual event on October 28