• ​September 23 Press Conference Summary

    ​September 23 Press Conference Summary

    Current COVID-19 Case Numbers in North Dakota: 18,981 total positive cases, 3,302 active confirmed cases, 15,476 recovered, 203 deaths
    Speakers: Governor Burgum, Al Jaeger-Secretary of State

    Focus: Importance of Quarantine and how to Cast Ballots on or before Election Day
    Additional points of note:

    • Importance of Quarantine
      • Discussion about the importance of quarantine, social distancing and use of masks
      • Overview of how easily COVID can spread
      • North Dakota has a 1.07% fatality rate compared to the national rate of 2.9%,
    • Voting guidance from Al Jaeger – Governor Proclamation –
      • Voter Appreciation Week 
      • Statewide campaign to notify ND voters of their options to cast ballots
        • Voting can be done by mail, early voting or voting on election day. 
        • Every county will have at least one polling place on election day (there will be safety measures in place).
        • There are about half as many polling places as there were 2 years ago
        • County courthouses will offer in-person absentee voting
      • Voting update
        • 379 military members in 57 countries have already cast their ballots
        • 168,000 people have requested absentee ballots
    • Discussion of plan to address uptick in COVID cases in Long Term Care facilities
      • Tests from these facilities will now be moved to the front of the line for processing to get results as quickly as possible.
      • Contact tracing of people who have had contact with employees and residents of long-term care facilities will be prioritized
      • Flexibility in who may serve as test collection personnel
      • Assistance for upgrading the air cleaning systems in these facilities
    • Positivity rate is rising statewide.
      • Grand Forks has begun trending downward
    • Bank of North Dakota programs to provide interest buy down grant program
    Other issues covered: Governor’s Awards for state employees will be announced tomorrow – anyone can watch, mental health update