• Infrastructure Week Full Agenda

  • North Dakota needs infrastructure. This vast network of interrelated sectors connects our state beyond our borders and secures our position in the world. Infrastructure provides households access to higher quality opportunities for employment, healthcare, and education. Our economy needs reliable infrastructure to ensure these connections are occurring between cities and people, to provide for supply chains and the movement of goods and services.

    This series looks at different sectors from the perspective of subject matter experts who work day-in and day-out within these industries for the success of their business and North Dakota. 

    The infrastructure week webinar series will utilize the zoom platform. Following each panel discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions to the panelists. To receive call-in information, attendees will need to register in advance. Recordings will be made available to members following the event. Non-members can pay a one-time business rate of $50 - which will provide company-wide access to all 5 sessions. 


  • Energy Regulation - May 9 Energy Regulation - May 9

    Energy infrastructure is critical in today's society. This heavy reliance puts added pressure on the policies that regulates the environment. While those working within the industry are looking for consistent regulation there are additional outside factors, forces, and movements that have created shifts to the landscape. Consistency and reliability continue to be a core demand, but sustainability and environmental stewardship continue to find ways into the conversation. 

    Speakers will dive into the politically charged policies that are impacting businesses and communities at a local and national level. This is a conversation for those that want an insider perspective.

    • Julie Fedorchak – ND Public Service Commissioner 
    • John Weeda – ND Transmission Authority, Director
    • Craig Stevens – GAIN Coalition
    • Moderator: Andrea Pfennig – GNDC Dir. of Government Affairs



    - A look into smart energy policy
    - What is coming
    - What is trending
    - What do/should policy makers need to consider



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  • Supply Chain & Distribution - May 10 Supply Chain & Distribution - May 10

    North Dakota relies on infrastructure for the movement of goods and services. In a post-pandemic world, supply chains are being taxed and are struggling for various reasons. As a result, businesses of all sizes are being impacted and are now problem solving to fit the needs of their consumers and public. 

    This conversation will feature the perspectives of subject matter experts within the industry - those that are on all ends of the supply chain management conversation. 


    • John Dyste – ND Grocers Association, Executive Director
    • Seth Johnson – Marvin Windows, Director of Logistics
    • Chris Lutick – UPS, State Government Affairs Director 


    - Local issues specific to supply chain gaps
    - National scene comparison
    - Creative problem solving from critical conversations
    - Ongoing efforts and future forecasts



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  • Urban Development - May 11 Urban Development - May 11

    North Dakota has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two decades according to the latest census results. This type of growth requires attention to continue to plan forward to ensure the needs of future, as well as current, citizens are met. This session will look into the discussion of modern growth and advances.

    Hear from experts who are conscious of smart infrastructure planning including the development and plotting of roads, water maintenance and mitigation, internet/broadband, power, and more. This conversation looks beyond curb and gutters to see how cities are ensuring their infrastructure is done proactively. 


    • Brenda Derrig – City Engineer, City of Fargo
    • Cheryl Riley – President Northern Plains, AT&T 
    • Jen Pickett – Recycling Coordinator, City of Fargo
    • Moderated by Andrea Pfennig – GNDC Director of Government Affairs



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  • Rail - May 12 Rail - May 12

    Following our Industry Outlook webinar format this webinar offers a "behind the scenes" look at specific industries that are impactful to our state's GDP and success. Each session will provide attendees with a guided SWOT analysis conversation among those working day-in and out in the specific arena. 


    • Amy McBeth, BNSF
    • Dan Zink, Red River Valley & Western Railroad Co. 
    • Moderated by Chris Kalash, Director of Membership Services


    - Strengths within the rail sector
    - Weaknesses that are occurring within the industry
    - Opportunities within the industry
    - Threats that are limiting growth or obstacles to overcome for better positioning 


    • Those looking to learn more about what is going on within the subsect of rail
    • Representatives whose organizational success relies on rail through partnerships or collaboration
    • Individuals within the industry to gain perspective from others that are working within
    • Policymakers who are looking to gain more insight into a specific industry 



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  • Building Beyond - May 13 Building Beyond - May 13

    Join Jen Turnbow, North Dakota Department of Transportation’s (NDDOT) Deputy Director for Planning, as she breaks down how the NDDOT is successfully BUILDING BEYOND. Jen will highlight the funding developments that took place over the winter and what that means for the hundreds of projects happening across North Dakota this summer and in the future. She’ll close out with Q&A so bring your questions and plan to take part in the discussion. 



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