• GNDC statement of support regarding the proposed constitutional measure change

    BISMARCK, ND (January 28, 2022) - Arik Spencer, GNDC President and CEO, released the following statement today regarding the choice to invest and support in the current initiated measure specific to altering the constitutional change process.
    “The Greater North Dakota Chamber strongly supports the efforts of the Protect North Dakota’s Constitution committee. Our organization believes there should be a higher threshold to change our state’s foundational framework. It’s astonishing that over the past ten years, there have been 19 total constitutional adjustments or modifications proposed. We stand by the choice to invest in the integrity of our constitution with thoughtful change. GNDC’s Board of Directors has unanimously supported this measure to ensure North Dakota’s governmental charter continues to provide the conditions for citizens, businesses, and communities to prosper.”
    Members who have not yet viewed information on this measure can do so on the efforts’ website.