• GNDC statement on Governor Burgum's child care proposal

    FARGO, ND (September 13, 2022) – Arik Spencer, GNDC President and CEO, released the following statement today, at Bright Futures Learning Center, regarding the proposed child care plan release by Governor Doug Burgum and Lt. Governor Brent Sanford.
    “One of GNDC’s primary goals is to accelerate the creation and implementation of workforce solutions that enhance strengths and resolve weaknesses impacting North Dakota’s business community.
    In our work around the state with business and community leaders, access to childcare repeatedly comes up as a top workforce challenge. We frequently hear stories about individuals leaving their jobs to care for their families because childcare is cost prohibitive or they can not find available spots.
    Based on the work of our policy committees and surveys of our members, we know there is broad support for policy solutions to address and improve access to childcare in North Dakota, which businesses of all sizes and industries rely on to finding and retaining talent.
    I want to thank Governor Burgum and the Department of Health and Human Services for their work developing this proposal. It can offer both employers and families options as we look to address this critical issue.
    We support the Governor’s efforts and look forward to continuing to work with his office and lawmakers to help pass legislation that addresses access to childcare. We believe this will help grow our workforce and economy while ensuring our children are safe and secure.”
    The 3-pronged proposal focuses on accessibility, affordability, and quality and is currently being backed by numerous legislators in a bipartisan effort. Further details are outlined on Governor Burgum’s website/press release and action/work will begin during the 2023 legislative session.