• GNDC statement on HB 1323 - Mandating Mask Mandates

    BISMARCK, ND (February 23, 2021) – Arik Spencer, GNDC President and CEO, released the following statement today regarding the ND House of Representatives passage of HB 1323, mandating mask mandates which occurred February 22 at 1:08 PM.
    “GNDC understands the political climate and motivations behind HB 1323, which passed by a slim margin in the ND House of Representatives. GNDC does not support this bill as it will be problematic for businesses. HB 1323 doesn’t only prohibit the masks that have become common-place during the pandemic, the broad implications would prohibit masks that offer protection and safety. Workers, whether they are welding or performing surgery, need PPE for their own protection, the public’s protection, and as required by various federal regulations. We look forward to working with members of the ND Senate to defeat this bill.”

    Members can review HB 1323 carefully and contact Arik Spencer at 701.222.0929 or their legislators with questions or concerns.