• LETTER TO THE EDITOR: GNDC with Chambers of Commerce Oppose Measure 1

    Today, GNDC and chambers of commerce from across the state released a statement opposing Measure 1 – the Term Limits Measure. North Dakota has a representative government. Meaning, we choose individuals to REPRESENT our needs and interests in the lawmaking process at the state level. Voters weigh in on the effectiveness of their chosen representatives at least every 4 years and either continue on or elect anew.

    Elections are fundamental basics of a democratic government. They give people the chance to select who they want in specific roles. Measure 1 changes that. Measure 1 would further force government’s hand into elections by controlling who can and can’t run. If passed, turnover will be mandated. If people want officials out, make your vote count – get involved in promoting the candidates that represent you but don’t give up your voice.

    So, what if there was more turnover? Time and money, precious resources, would be spent on educating new legislators on procedure and issues versus drafting and discussing solutions that work. Lobbyists and bureaucrats would be relied upon to fill in the blanks. Every district would need to have a short list of candidates ready to step up and take their turn so that everyone is represented. And finally, the state’s growth suffers because we are having change for the sake of change.

    Our statement dives further into other possible ramifications, but it comes down to valuing the fundamentals of our American ideals. We do not want the government to control our ballots or elections. We want less red tape so that we can push forward towards progress. Don’t strip away our rights with this measure – Vote no on Measure 1, trust that you know who should represent you at the Capitol.

    Our full statement can be found here.

    Arik Spencer
    GNDC President and CEO