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  • Covid-19 Member Polls: A Recap from March - May

    Covid-19 Member Polls: A Recap from March - May

    As the pandemic changed the nation’s and North Dakota’s landscape, GNDC responded. We reached out to members and businesses to determine current needs and stressors. These conversations helped plot a path of resources to better assist leaders and organizations across our state weather the storm of destruction caused by COVID-19. Another tactic to gauge the ongoing impacts and company efforts that GNDC deployed was utilizing member poll questions regularly in Dakota Digest. These polls helped us determine what issues we needed to be aware of and what resources we should develop while also providing members the opportunity to share situational feedback with peers and other members. These polls were informal and represent snapshots in time for those that chose to participate.
    Below is a recap of some of these COVID-19 specific surveys and their results. The polls illustrate the timeline that occurred in North Dakota in response to the spread as well as the move to reopen, which happened May 1.

    GNDC will continue to capture these moments in time to gauge the progression of recovery while responding to members' ongoing needs from provided input.