• Welcome to the Most Advanced Manufacturers Marketplace. Period.

    The Manufacturers Marketplace is a game-changer. Imagine tapping into a world of hundreds of thousands of manufacturers, and within seconds finding ones perfectly suited to fill your needs. Or having your business discovered in unique, specific ways by potential business partners. That’s the Manufacturers Marketplace.

    With the most comprehensive search capability that can pair you up with the right American manufacturing partner – whether you need to find or be found. Quickly. Effortlessly. Every time.

    How the Marketplace Works
    With hundreds of thousands of leading manufacturers in the U.S. listed in our marketplace, representing small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector and in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, we offer a comprehensive search capability to help you identify and engage with the best possible partner for your unique supply chain needs, while mitigating risk and increasing visibility for your business.

    Better Access Equals Better Results.
    Time is money. So the less time you spend seeking out the right partner for your job, the better off you will be. And finding exactly the right partner will enable your company to compete more cost effectively. This incredible resource lets you search in new and more specific ways quickly and easily.

    Be Discovered. Quickly and Easily.
    Your business can be found by the right partners using a variety of highly specific search options. Locations. Processes. Certifications. Plant size. Equipment. Capacity. NAICS. SIC. And that’s just the beginning. Hundreds of thousands of firms in all. This is especially valuable for smaller companies looking for greater visibility.

    Across the Country or Across the Street.
    Every job is different. Sometimes the best price sets the tone. Other times, you need a local manufacturer. For every job, our unique search capabilities make it easy for you to discover the right supply chain partner for your needs. As the official marketplace of the National Association of Manufacturers and leading state manufacturing association partners, ours is the most complete marketplace in the country whether you are buying or selling.

    Membership Makes Access a Breeze
    Members of the North Dakota Manufacturing Council have unlimited access to the most complete manufacturing search engine of its kind for just $500 annually. Non-member subscription fees are $2,500 annually.

    If your business is not yet a member of the North Dakota Manufacturing Council, please contact us today to discuss membership. Then you can take full advantage of exclusive membership pricing and gain complete access to the Manufacturers Marketplace.

    For more information or to sign up for a demo, visit www.manufacturersmarketplace.us

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