• Where We Stand

  • The Greater North Dakota Chamber sets a legislative agenda based on input from its members, continually striving to improve our state’s business environment through public policy.

    Our policy development process starts with a survey to all members and is refined through committee discussions. Committees encompass legislative affairs, economic development / education / workforce, health care and insurance, labor, natural resources, taxation and transportation and infrastructure.

    Upon final review from the legislative affairs committee, the legislative agenda is sent to our board of directors for approval. We then advocate for these positions at the legislature.

    As a member, you may receive legislative “Action Alerts” that notify you of opportunities to share your input with your legislators directly. Your engagement with your legislators, combined with our influence in Bismarck, is a successful approach to making North Dakota more business friendly.

  • General Business

    We work to continuously improve the state’s business climate. We support the right of individuals and corporations to operate within the free enterprise system, and we believe competition allows for innovation and a better life for all.

    Economic Development

    North Dakota programs that encourage development of, and investment in, new and expanding businesses have been very successful in recent years. Going forward, we will work to maintain a business climate that encourages the development of world-class businesses with an emphasis on new wealth creation in the state.

    Education / Workforce

    The Greater North Dakota Chamber believes that having a skilled and educated workforce is a distinguishing asset that helps our state attract, retain and expand businesses. We believe in holding our students to consistent, high standards of achievement at all levels of education: bachelor’s degrees or higher from universities; associate degrees, diplomas and certificates from community colleges; high school degrees, and workforce training.

    Healthcare & Insurance

    The Greater North Dakota Chamber supports policies that ensure affordable access to health care in a market-driven environment. We believe the state has some control over healthcare and health insurance, and we encourage initiatives to reduce unnecessary costs for health insurance and healthcare services. State leaders should be fully aware that healthcare is one of the primary business sectors in North Dakota; the healthcare industry affects the state through the number of employees and dollars spent on healthcare.

    Natural Resources

    The Greater North Dakota Chamber supports policies that promote responsible development of our resources and expansion of our economy. The Chamber believes environmental policies must be consistent with the principles of our private property-based, free-market economic system. We will promote policies and initiatives that lead to an affordable, stable and reliable energy supply, because economic development is adversely impacted without it. We believe the market-based system allows for the best use and development of our natural resources. We support the development and expansion of all energy sectors to increase North Dakota’s ability to export energy and help meet the country’s energy needs.


    Tax policy at all levels of government must be guided by a well-researched, balanced approach that provides for necessary public investments and expenditures. We should avoid policies that could serve as disincentives to economic growth and private sector employment and investment. State and local tax code changes should recognize and encourage long-term future growth.

    The Greater North Dakota Chamber believes appropriate taxes are necessary and acceptable to the business community in order to adequately fund the essential services of state and local governments. We support fair and equitable taxation of all businesses operating within the state.


    North Dakota has seen enormous growth in commercial traffic on the state’s roadways, and increased use of other methods of transporting people and goods, such as air, rail, bus and transit. The Greater North Dakota Chamber believes a well-planned, well-built and well-maintained transportation infrastructure is essential to commerce throughout our state.

    State lawmakers must recognize that the state’s growing economy has added burdens on state agencies. They should provide adequate funding and staffing levels for the North Dakota Highway Patrol, North Dakota Department of Transportation, Secretary of State’s Office and other agencies in charge of permitting and regulating to ensure that each can properly manage their respective programs.

    Workforce Safety & Insurance / Unemployment Insurance

    Workers compensation is an important program serving North Dakota employers and employees. The Greater North Dakota Chamber supports a safe work environment for every worker and healthy employees for every employer. We support safety education and training and believe these programs must be stable, predictable and equitable in order to best address the needs of employees and provide a good return on investment for employers.

    The Chamber supports North DakotaÂ’s unemployment insurance laws, which provide adequate and temporary financial assistance to employees who become unemployed through no fault of their own. We support the current interpretation of the North Dakota law not allowing unemployment insurance to individuals in a labor dispute. We oppose the extension of benefits to workers who, through their own actions or inactions, become unemployed, including as a result of an employer-initiated lockout or an employee strike.

    The Chamber supports modernizing the North Dakota Public Employee Retirement System to make public employee benefits sustainable and consistent with those offered by the private sector.