• Who We Are

  • Our Mission: The Best Business Climate

    The Greater North Dakota Chamber works to make North Dakota’s business climate the best in the nation.

    We amplify your voice in the legislature and advance positions that help your business succeed. We also provide personalized assistance when you are working to grow your business but reach a roadblock.

    A Proud History of Advocacy

    The Greater North Dakota Chamber began as The Greater North Dakota Association (GNDA), which was founded in 1924 to attract tourists and settlers.

    As the state grew in population and as business and industry flourished, the GNDA’s mission changed to creating and advocating for an environment that helped businesses grow and expand.

    In 2004, the GNDA changed its name to the Greater North Dakota Chamber. Our mission to create the strongest business climate in the nation did not change. As an organization we continue to lead the way in business advocacy.

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