• 2023 Legislative Report

    How They Voted

  • The work done during Session is important – policies are made and laws are set. The drivers of the decisions are legislators. North Dakotans may have suggestions on where to go or what to do – but ultimately the decisions come down to the elected officials who represent their constituents. At GNDC, we focus on business issues and care about how legislators vote to maintain or improve the current business conditions and regulations.


    SCORECARD METHODOLOGY: Legislators receive a score based on their voting performance on bills that align with GNDC’s legislative priorities (business climate protection, workforce development, and smart infrastructure investments). Lawmakers that vote in alignment with these priorities receive higher scores as voting with GNDC results in garnering positive points while voting contrarily provides penalty. Further alignment is rewarded as certain bills and bill sponsorship are weighted according to importance to the business community.


    CHAMBER CHAMPIONS: Legislators who received an index score of 85% or higher are designated as Chamber Champions. These are individuals who understand ongoing issues businesses face and in voting to support business are supported by GNDC. We anticipate these pro-business individuals to continue to look for opportunities for success for all North Dakota businesses.

  • ELECTRONIC VERSION: This final recap of the session and GNDC's advocacy work not only showcases bills that we impacted but reviews all legislator scores, including this session's grade, lifetime voting index, number of session, and business bipartisanship. The bills outlined in this document were deciding factors in determining each legislator's score. Printed copies will be mailed to members but can be requested by email. 

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  • GNDC reserves the right to withhold or withdraw “Chamber Champion” distinction from a legislator for unethical or improper conduct. Champion status does not signify a GNDC endorsement for future elections, but the title can be used as a distinction.