• Policy Development Process

  • GNDC has begun our preparation for the 2025 Legislative Session. Our direction is created by our members, the North Dakota’s business community. As we take stock of the current issues facing the growth and success of the state – we are looking to our members to speak up, represent their organization/industry, and take advantage of their greatest GNDC benefit, advocacy.


  • Currently our policy development will have a three-prong approach for member engagement.

    1. Policy Outlooks: "the meeting"
    2. Policy Councils: "the meeting after the meeting"
    3. Research: "the premeeting"‚Äč



  • Policy Outlooks Policy Outlooks

    Monthly virtual meetings featuring subject matter experts, legislators, and appointed officials.

    • Speakers will provide a brief overview of the topic and then a SWOT analysis of the issue from their perspective. 

      • Followed by Q & A, these conversations are expected to last 30-45 minutes.

    • Open to all members, this will enable direct conversations with state leaders on issues important to the business community.  

    • Topics covered in the past:
      • Childcare
      • Immigration 
      • Tax
      • Apprenticeship
      • Red Tape/Regulation Reform 
    • Upcoming topics:
      • Insurance
      • Workforce Safety & Insurance
      • Corrections/Ex-Offenders
      • Legacy Funds
      • Others
  • Policy Councils Policy Councils

    Separate Councils in the areas of Workforce, Business Climate, Infrastructure, and Manufacturing.

    • Estimated time commitment: One hour meeting monthly. 
      • There will be a remote/virtual option.
    • The purpose of the Councils will be to identify issues facing the business community and help develop the GNDC policy priorities moving into the session.
    • Findings from GNDC Economics and Employer Survey as well as the content from Policy Outlooks will help guide discussions.

    Need a bit more: Check out our blog post with expectations and information 

    Additional, related info:
    - Individuals with associate membership will not be eligible to participate in this lobbying activity - we encourage participation in Policy Outlooks. 
    - Contract lobbyists who participate in this committee work must disclose their representing client - these clients must be GNDC members. 

  • Research Research

    1. GNDC Economics and Employer Survey - completed spring 2023 


    2. North Dakota Business Conditions and Climate Survey - completed summer 2022


    3. Red Tape Reduction/Regulation Reform

    • GNDC is compiling suggestions regarding potential red tape reduction issues and solutions. We will present information to the Governor’s Office. 





  • Interested in any part of the process?

    Andrea Pfennig, Dir. of Gov Affairs

    Email: andrea@ndchamber.com

    Phone: 701.222.0929

  • Aren’t sure if you are the right fit? Ask us questions, toe-dip into a Policy Outlook event – advocacy is an important part of GNDC membership where you can reach beyond your business to determine our state’s success.

    What did the last policy group do? Let's show you... check out the publication here. This was a roadmap that guided us through the 2023 Session where childcare, immigration, tax relief, workforce programs, and infrastructure investment were issues that we weighed in on.