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  • Future Forum Panel: Empowering the Next Wave of Business: Insights from Young Leaders

    As the Greater North Dakota Chamber's Future Forum marks its 100-year anniversary, it's not just a celebration of the past but a strategic look towards the future. Among the myriad of discussions and panels that are happening on June 4 at Minnkota Power Cooperative (hybrid option available), one that promises to ignite inspiration and offer valuable insights is "Empowering the Next Wave of Business: Insights from Young Leaders."

    In this dynamic panel discussion, young business leaders from diverse backgrounds will take center stage to share their journeys, challenges, and triumphs in the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship. As Generation Z establishes its presence in the business realm, the forum recognizes the importance of providing a platform for these emerging leaders to share their perspectives and strategies for success.

    Leading the discussion is a stellar lineup of panelists who bring a wealth of experience and innovation to the table:

    JADE SCHERR, founder and CEO of HexaHive, a strategic marketing agency known for its innovative approach and community engagement. With accolades such as Women-Owned Business of the Year, Jade exemplifies the power of entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking leadership.

    KALEB DSCHAAK, CEO of Fenworks and a pioneer in esports, brings a unique perspective shaped by personal experiences and a passion for leveraging gaming as a communication tool. His journey from establishing the first esports lab at the University of North Dakota to earning multiple leadership awards underscores the transformative potential of entrepreneurship.

    THOMAS STROMME, Vice President Commercial Banker at First Western Bank & Trust, brings a wealth of expertise in finance and community leadership. With a commitment to fostering economic growth and serving on various boards, Thomas embodies the spirit of civic engagement and strategic business acumen.

    Moderating the panel is LIZ MARKHAM, Membership Director at the Greater North Dakota Chamber, whose previous career and current dedication to understanding the needs of businesses and championing industry initiatives makes her the ideal guide for this insightful discussion.

    Together, these young leaders will delve into the trends, technologies, and support systems driving the next wave of business in North Dakota. From innovative marketing strategies to the transformative power of esports and the importance of community engagement, the panel promises to offer valuable insights and inspiration for entrepreneurs and business leaders alike.

    Registration is open and sponsors are welcome. See more panel presentation and speaker bios.