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  • GNDC 67th Legislative Assembly Favorites

    GNDC 67th Legislative Assembly Favorites

    It seems that each Legislative Session, a few bills come to the surface and get a life of their own. The work on these bills is covered by the media and coffee clutches. Different bills mean different things to different people because of the legislative intent or the benefits gained in the passage or defeat.

    GNDC has a few bills that have caught our eye, ones that we are excited to promote and deserve some conversation. Our team has devoted more time to these bills - whether it's visiting prior to the session about the language or lobbying during session on their behalf. These are bills that align with our policy positions and further position North Dakota to have the best business climate in the nation. They promote or defend the current business climate, expand or diversify our workforce, and/or approach infrastructure investment and regulation in a smart, responsible manner. 

    We have a hard time choosing just one (as did Julie Andrews) so we assembled a brief list of contenders that are vying for that top-darling spot. Each bill serves our business community in a different way and elevates the free enterprise system to further position our state's business policy. 


    GNDC does not work alone at the Capitol - there are other trade associations and business groups that we partner with to further our efforts. Often we collaborate to understand perspectives and clarify specific industry impacts. These relationships and the conversations allow a quicker, deeper dive into the benefits or consequences of public policy. We appreciate these partners and the work that they do. We took some time to ask what their favorite bills were:

    Associated General Contractors of North Dakota: HB 1431
    Automobile Dealers Association of North Dakota: HB 1175
    North Dakota Grocers Association: HB 1175
    North Dakota Hospitality Association: SB 2220
    Lignite Energy Council: HB 1412, HB 1452
    Independent Community Banks of North Dakota: HB 1175
    North Dakota Bankers Association: HB 1425, SB 2261
    North Dakota Motor Carries Association: HB 1431
    North Dakota Petroleum Council: HB 1452, SB 2328
    Pioneer Equipment Dealers Association: HB 1175