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  • GNDC holds First GrowND: Workforce Showcase

    GNDC holds First GrowND: Workforce Showcase

    GNDC's GrowND: Workforce Solutions Showcase event aimed to showcase opportunities surrounding North Dakota's workforce challenge. We were excited with the first time run of this well attended event bringing employers from across the state together.

    Bringing together employers, program experts, and policymakers, the event delved into available strategies for attracting, retaining, and developing talent in the state. 11 Speakers in 2 hours covered various topics, including workforce development programs, skills training initiatives, and the role of technology in shaping the future workforce. Participants raved over the rapid fire format where ideas were exchanged, best practices promoted, and collaborative approaches were encouraged. GNDC knows that business need creative solutions to meet the evolving needs of North Dakota's labor market.

    Following presentations, the social, sponsored by CareerViewXR provided a space for follow-up conversations with presenters and attendees.

    Key takeaways emphasized the importance of partnerships between industry and education sectors, investing in skill-building programs, and leveraging technology to bridge gaps in workforce readiness. Overall, the event served as a platform for stakeholders to collaborate and advance workforce solutions tailored to North Dakota's unique economic landscape. 




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