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  • ​GNDC’s ND Future Forum to Examine Impact of Emerging Tech on ND Industries

    ​GNDC’s ND Future Forum to Examine Impact of Emerging Tech on ND Industries

    As part of the Greater North Dakota Chamber's 100th anniversary celebration, the upcoming ND Future Forum will feature a panel discussion diving into how emerging technologies are transforming the landscape of businesses and operations across the state.

    The "Technology: Changing the Pace and Flow of Business" panel will bring together leaders from critical North Dakota industries including broadband, utilities, agriculture, and technology. They'll share insights into cutting-edge innovations that are creating new opportunities and disrupting long-established business models and practices.

    Panelists include:

    • Seth Arndorfer, CEO of Dakota Carrier Network - Arndorfer will discuss the vital role of fiber optic connectivity in enabling applications like precision agriculture, telemedicine and more across rural North Dakota. He'll explore how broadband providers can meet increasing connectivity demands.
    • Dr. Joshua Riedy, Founder/CEO of Thread - With a background in renewable energy, Riedy will lend his perspective on how data analytics, AI, IoT sensors and other technologies can build more resilient and sustainable utility infrastructure and asset management practices.
    • Taya Spelhaug, Microsoft TechSpark ND Manager - Spelhaug will overview Microsoft's TechSpark initiative aimed at fostering technology education, workforce development and economic opportunity in rural and smaller metropolitan communities like those across North Dakota.
    • Christopher Whalen, President of Fireside Office Solutions, will moderate the panel discussion showcasing the change in operations, the advancements of technologies, and how the landscape is connected.
    The panel is scheduled for 10:45 AM on June 4 as part of the day-long ND Future Forum event exploring how the business community is driving progress and competitiveness over the next 100 years in North Dakota. With such a diverse array of expert panelists, it promises to be an insightful look into the technological forces reshaping North Dakota's business community.

    Registration is open. Stay tuned for more details and the full agenda. This 100-year milestone event is one you won't want to miss.