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  • GNDC with coalition send letter to committee

    GNDC with coalition send letter to committee

    GNDC, with a coalition of 36 statewide and regional associations, submitted a letter, today - November 4, to members of the House and Senate Delayed Bills Committee. Regarding this letter, Arik Spencer - GNDC President and CEO, released the following statement:

    "North Dakota's legislative process is the most robust in the nation. Issues are brought forth to be fully reviewed, vetted, and discussed before being defeated or passed into law. Upon reviewing bills that were submitted to the Delayed Bills Committee, GNDC has concerns with the potential legislation that is going to be addressed during this expedited Special Session. Already the magnitude of the agenda items, specifically ARPA funds and redistricting, requires thoughtful consideration and should be the main focus. Through discussions with our partners, there was an evident consensus. We formed a coalition of these partners to express our concern."  

    Members view the submitted letter here

    GNDC will continue to review and monitor the progression of redistricting, ARPA funds, and the 26 bills submitted to the Delayed Bills Committee