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  • HB 1168 (Automation Tax Credit): First on our List of Favorites

    HB 1168 (Automation Tax Credit): First on our List of Favorites

    There are bills that we at GNDC love to love. These bills align with our policy positions and further North Dakota’s global position by supporting businesses or protecting our business climate. We make a favorite list each session – these bills are ones that we strongly support because of their potential or programmatic performance. Yesterday, one of these bills saw their first committee hearing – HB 1168, Automation Tax Credit. This bill provides a partnership between private organizations and the state to supplement workforce with machinery/automation. We were the first to stand up and proud to support this workforce innovation.
    Insider’s peek: Testimony on this bill
    "One of GNDC’s policy goals regarding workforce is to augment strategic resources for automation, recognizing it is an important tool to address workforce challenges. From a business climate perspective, we feel that advancing automation through targeted incentives helps position North Dakota to be globally competitive." 
    Scott Staudinger, Cloverdale Foods
    "Over the past 5 years Cloverdale submitted over $5 million worth of qualified automation projects through the Automation Tax Credit Program… We have already identified a need to further automate two new lines, in addition to, what we have already invested in during 2022. Investing in automation is such a significant part of staying relevant to the competition, increasing efficiency of output, and creating the safest environments for our workforce."
    Cairn Reisch, Marvin Windows
    "If the tax credit would be approved, it would be an important part of the financial planning process for all our facilities. We are active participants in the previous Automation Tax Credit, and we would be very grateful for it to get passed again."

    Interested in supporting this effort? Let us know - we can coordinate how your organization can lift.