• Brass-Tacks
  • Healthcare Revolution: Looking Ahead to the Next Century

    The healthcare industry is in the midst of rapid transformation driven by new innovations, changing patient needs, and ever-rising costs. How will healthcare delivery evolve in the coming decades to meet these challenges head-on? Get the insights from top healthcare leaders at the Greater North Dakota Chamber's Future Forum on June 4th.

    This panel discussion, entitled "Healthcare Revolution: Navigating Delivery Evolution and Cost Control Responses," will bring together expert voices from across the healthcare spectrum. They'll explore cutting-edge approaches to enhancing patient care, reining in expenses, and fortifying our healthcare system for the next 100 years.

    You won't want to miss this dynamic conversation moderated by State Rep. Greg Stemen and featuring:

    - Lacey Bergh, SVP of Health Delivery at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, a passionate advocate for value-based care models.
    - Todd Forkel, CEO of Altru, bringing over 24 years of healthcare leadership experience.
    - Dr. Megan Dooley, occupational therapist and owner of Innovative Therapy Solutions & Consulting, specializing in neurological diseases and caregiver support.

    This all-star panel will dive into the latest trends reshaping healthcare, such as telehealth, precision medicine, tech, and preventative wellness programs. They'll also tackle complex issues like rural access to care, the impacts of an aging population, staffing shortages, and cost transparency.

    Don't miss this chance to look beyond the present challenges to envision a brighter, more sustainable future of healthcare in our state and region. The Healthcare Revolution panel will be a marquee event at the Greater North Dakota Chamber's Future Forum celebrating 100 years of driving progress.

    Join us on June 4th either in-person at the Minnkota Power Cooperative or virtually via the livestream. Secure your spot now for this must-attend discussion that will illuminate the path forward for healthcare over the next century. Visit ndchamber.com to register!

    Full agendas and bios available now.