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  • In The Know - Submitting Testimony

    Technology has changed our legislative process – opening up how we can engage in the process. Submitting testimony to hearings ensures access to citizens who weigh in on the process enriching the work that is done by committees. This may feel daunting, but the process can be simple.
    In creating testimony, we encourage material to include name, organization, bill number, committee name and/or chair, and stance. After you have a saved PDF version, you can submit online. Submitted testimony is available to all as public record.

    Here’s a visual walk through on submitting on the record:

    1. Go to NDLegis.Gov

    2. Input your bill number in “find a bill”
    This tabbed page is everything you want and need related to the bill (where it’s at, what testimony exists, related videos, so on)

    3. Click “Hearings” tab
    This tab will show all scheduled work related to the bill – past and upcoming, if it’s been scheduled.

    4. Only upcoming scheduled hearings will be open to submitting testimony.
    Click on “submit testimony”

    5. This screen will require a name, organization, and contact info.

    6. Below contact info is a selection box to select your stance and then delivery mode.
    • Select Support, Oppose, or Neutral
    • Select written only, virtual, or in person
      • Each chair handles virtual testimony differently and has the choice to do so.
      • Be prepared that some chairs do not open to virtual testimony – reach out to GNDC, we will visit with the chair or work toward a solution.
    7. Browse your files to upload pdf or txt files

    8.Be sure to note that you are not a robot.

    9. Click “submit”

    10. You will receive an email at your provided email including a PIN to certify your testimony.

    11. Upon successfully submitting that, you will receive a confirmation email 

    The Legislative Branch has created a video, click here to view..