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  • Legislative Update: Week 9

    Legislative Update: Week 9

    The Legislature reconvened on March 3rd after their crossover break. The week was monopolized with the historic expulsion of a member of the House of Representatives but this shouldn't overshadow the essential work completed by both chambers. Appropriations committees started by holding initial overview hearings from state government agencies. Each chamber is interested in where agency budgets currently stand compared to their original bases and any initiatives from the Governor’s budget recommendations before crossover. During the first half of Session, GNDC didn’t report specifics on agency budgets - this is not because they are not important to our membership but because we understand that a majority of the final details are determined after crossover, in the "second and third periods." In the new chambers, legislators will operate on updated revenue forecasts. These forecasts are set to come out next week.

    GNDC watches specific agency bills as they align with our Policy Positions

    SB 2018 North Dakota Department of Commerce Appropriation: This agency's budget is critical to North Dakota’s business community as it serves as the state’s economic development agency. This budget includes funding for economic development, workforce training and development, small business assistance, and tourism marketing. Here are a few of the specific budget lines GNDC is monitoring:

    • Economic Development
      • Unmanned Aircraft Systems – $26 million
    • Workforce Training and Education
      • Operation Intern – $755,000
      • Technical Skills Training Grant – $1 million
      • Apprenticeship Expansion Program – $347,157
    • Partner Programs – $1,562,531
      • Includes funding for Small Business Development Centers, Women Business Development Center, and Manufacturing Extension Partnership
    • Tourism and Marketing – $7 million
    Other agencies we are watching: 
    SB 2012 North Dakota Department of Transportation
    SB 2019 North Dakota Career and Technical Education  
    SB 2016 Job Service North Dakota
    HB 1021 Workforce Safety and Insurance