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  • Spring 2024 Report on Business Launch with Missing Column

    Spring 2024 Report on Business Launch with Missing Column

    You may have already read the latest Report on Business - it arrived in mailboxes early May. If not, the electronic version is available. The theme of this issue is Coolest Things Made in North Dakota. We are featuring content from manufacturers across the state and the amazing production results happening each day. Also discussed is navigating your membership and the importance of primary elections. 

    As usual, we announce with the missing column of our VP of Operations and Outreach, Amanda Remynse's column.

    Missing column from GNDC's Report on Business: Show & Tell - ND Style

    Back in my day, it was called “Show and Tell” but sometime after the turn of the century this childhood rite of passage changed to “Show and Share”… maybe the marketers got ahold of it and love the quip of alliteration or maybe teacher’s thought it would be appropriate to really showcase the sounds of the /s/. Either way the foundation of this classroom staple remains the same - you get to bring an item of your choosing to present publicly among your peer group. The goal was admiration, potential questions, and mutual respect. However additional byproducts were showmanship, personalization, and pride.
    The key to show and share/tell is that you are shifting the focus off yourself and diverting the audience attention to an item that you think has incredible wow-factor. Let’s boil this down: You think it’s cool (“it” being item being shared), you want others to think it’s cool, and then you are cool too.
    North Dakota has a reputation of being humble – we don’t like to brag, we don’t want to drag attention to ourselves – it’s uncomfortable. HOWEVER, North Dakota loves the show and tell model. Let’s talk about this issue of Report on Business with the theme: Coolest Things Made in North Dakota. It’s basically a catalog of show and tell for the amount of amazingness happening right here. These things are being produced here by North Dakotans and then shipped across the globe to impact lives for the better wherever their final destination is. How fricken cool is that?!
    When we put a call out to our members for submissions – the response was absolutely lovely. There were questions about submitting multiple items, questions on longer entries, multiple pictures, and so on – basically, people wanted to showcase what their organizations are doing because it’s awesome and you should hear more and they’d love to tell you. This is similar to my youngest bringing her Paw Patrol ship and favorite characters when she gets to be kid of the day.
    What’s great is that this North Dakota brag session does not have to be one day. Look at us as an example. GNDC is constantly show and telling products (manufactured literally or figuratively in ND) – we talk about the business here, we talk about the policies made, we talk about the relationships that are fortified, the access, the ag, the energy, the industry… see, look at me go. But we know others are doing it too – they could talk all day about North Dakota cool factor. And that – the energy of the presenter, is also worth showing off and telling about.
    Take a look at the magazine, we love it! Did you know all this stuff is made here? Did you know that these things are creating a brighter future for North Dakota? Did you know that Skye is my daughter’s favorite Paw Patrol character?