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  • That's a wrap! GNDC's overview of Special Session results

    That's a wrap! GNDC's overview of Special Session results

    Last week, the Governor called all Legislators back to the Capitol for a Special Session. We’ve reviewed the main agenda items and how these were to be worked through in past posts. They gaveled in on November 8 and adjourned sine die on Friday, November 12, as leadership expected. The days were long, adjourning well into the evening some nights. The work completed during this time has a substantial impact on the future of our state. As this was a Special Session, all green-light bills that have been presented to and signed by Governor Burgum are now law, effective immediately.

    GNDC was there to monitor the work and weigh in where the voice of business required. Here’s an overview of the final work that will directly impact our membership:

    Vaccines. HB 1511, instituted new requirements on businesses related to vaccines. See a deeper dive here to understand the bill's detail.

    Redistricting, this was the major agenda item. HB 1504, this plan passed both houses with only some small amendments from the version compiled by the interim Redistricting Committee and approved by Legislative Management. Subdivisions were a significant outcome of this legislation. Additionally, HB 1513 was passed, which allows for the appointment of interim district chairs for districts that were significantly impacted due to redistricting. Watch for a future “next steps” piece from us.

    ARPA, due to the pandemic, this also became a significant agenda item. HB 1505, HB 1506, and SB 2345 went forward to appropriate the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Only minor allocation changes were made from the originally outlined plan created by the Appropriations Committees, with approval from Legislative Management.

    Legacy and Budget Stabilization Advisory Board. HB 1512 adds members to this advisory board. During the 2021 Regular Session, a bill passed that allocated a portion of the Legacy Fund to in-state investments. Adding members to this board would ensure that needed guidelines are completed that would allow access to the funds.

    Individual income tax credit. HB 1515 provides a credit of up to $350, or $700 for individuals filing jointly, for tax years 2021 and 2022.

    Social Security Income. SB 2351 removes income tax for social security income for the two taxable years 2021 and 2022.