• GNDC and ND Dept of Commerce Partner to Hold Series of Business Briefings for those impacted by COVID

    BISMARCK - The Greater North Dakota Chamber (GNDC) in partnership with the North Dakota Department of Commerce will hold a series of COVID-19 North Dakota Business Briefing Calls continuing on Thursdays at 11:00 AM CDT. These calls are for businesses, trade associations, and local chambers of commerce to discuss current solutions for stressors created by COVID-19 effects.

    These calls are a continuation of the COVID-19 North Dakota Business Briefing that was held on March 19. This call provided a high-level overview of resources and business information to those impacted by the virus or its spread. Registration for that call was capped at 950 individuals, demonstrating high interest from the business community. Future Department of Commerce Business Briefings, hosted by GNDC, will examine specific topics of impact with specific resources for employers to deploy. An upcoming call scheduled for March 26 will cover Emergency Business Financing.

    “These calls are important to business leaders who are looking for resources during this tumultuous time. We are happy to host and partner with the ND Dept of Commerce who has a bead on available offerings and programs through state and federal resources that continue to evolve in real-time,” stated Arik Spencer, GNDC CEO and President. 

    For all calls, attendees can submit questions prior to the call when they register. These questions/concerns are provided to the presenters prior to the call to be addressed during the briefing or in a follow-up communication. Calls are recorded for future access on GNDC’s COVID-19 informational hub. The previously mentioned March 19 call recording is available on this link.

    To register for any calls, visit ndchamber.com

    For impacts, data, and resources related to COVID-19 or related policies, visit GNDC’s informational hub at ndchamber.com/covid19