• 2019 Legislative Session

    The Greater North Dakota Chamber ended the session with a 96.4% success rate at advocating for business friendly bills and opposing bills that were bad for business. This effort resulted in $570 million in savings for North Dakota businesses from unneeded regulation, insurance rate hikes and tax increases. GNDC tracked more than 280 bills during the 2019 session and selected 26 priority bills that GNDC would grade each legislator on. 

    Scoring Process:
    Lawmaker scores are based on their consistency in voting with the GNDC on priorities. In addition to their voting record, certain bills are weighted according to their importance and impact on North Dakota business. If a legislator’s vote aligned with the GNDC’s position, they received positive points, if they voted against the GNDC’s position they received negative points. These same rules applied to bill sponsors on bills that aligned or misaligned with the GNDC’s position on an issue.

    Chamber Champions 

    Legislators who have a voting index score of 85% or higher on the 26 priority bills that GNDC selected. This set of bills have or would have had significant impact on keeping North Dakota the best state in the nation to do business. These scores are determined by a legislator’s consistency in voting with GNDC’s policy agenda.



    Legislative Agenda

    This document, created prior to the legislative session, was developed to serve as a guide for GNDC’s legislative involvement and action. The advocacy focus centered on three specific areas: workforce, infrastructure, and overall state business climate. The agenda reflects our core principles to promote free enterprise and advocate for policies that enable, rather than inhibit, economic growth.







  • Final Legislative Summary 

    This spreadsheet was initiated at crossover and update at the end of session. It provides a quick overview of the specific bills, GNDC’s position and the status of the bill. GNDC tracked 280 bills total bills over the course of the session. From this broad list, 44 specific bills were selected due to the significance to employers in the state and their potential impacts to the North Dakota business climate. 




  • Legislative Report 

    This is a final recap of the legislative session and the advocacy efforts that GNDC were involved in. This document also reviews how legislators voted during the session with scores from specific bills that would directly impact the North Dakota business climate. Chamber Champions are identified as those supporting GNDC approved legislation with a voting index of 85% or greater.