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  • The GNDC has a job opening for a Director of Government affairs.  If you are interested please send a cover letter and resume to andy@ndchamber.com.


    *GNDC is an equal opportunity employer.


    Director of Government Affairs

    Job Description

    The Director of Government Affairs is a self-directed, organized, and motivated leader responsible for the development and advocacy of policy for the GNDC.  Within the policy space he or she is responsible to reflect member values when communicating and advocating our positions.  He or she will also have excellent written and verbal communication skills in order to foster and maintain relationships intrinsic to the GNDC organization. 

    The Director of Government Affairs reports to the GNDC President & CEO

    Our Operational Values: As members of the GNDC staff we value timeliness, honesty, work ethic, deliverables, communication, and team above self in all things GNDC.

    Timeliness: Keep a predictable schedule. Come to work at a prearranged time each day. Meet your deadlines first and foremost. If your schedule is challenged from time to time let others know. If you cannot meet prearranged deadlines ask for help or negotiate in good faith to extend the deadline.

    Honesty: Be forthright with your peers. Be kind and respectful but never mislead them, kindly share your opinions when asked, or share your opinions if they might add positively to the conversation. Lastly, do not use overstatement or mislead others to make yourself look better. It’s best to be direct when possible rather than let others speculate about your statements or intentions.

    Work Ethic: Employ your best work ethic. Tackle challenges first, learn to embrace the things you avoid, and remember when you allow yourself to circumvent the difficult things at work it ultimately reflects upon your teammates, the board of directors, and those who pay to be members of the GNDC.

    Deliverables: Under promise and over deliver. Be sure core programs, and individual responsibilities are completed in the best possible manner on a consistent basis. Never take on new tasks until those already assigned have been mastered.

    Team Above Self: No individual on the GNDC team is more important than anyone else. When individuals promote themselves above others forward progress is obstructed. In all activities it is important to remember we all have a part in making any activity a success. We succeed together or fail together. When planning be sure to understand the impact of team before moving forward.

    Communication: Communication has many parts, communicating, understanding the communication, and making sure the message sent is the message received. Clarity is utmost. Clearly communicate what you need, what your expectations are, when you might be late, when you might need to attend to personal details, or when you might be out of the office. No particle of communication is too small. Be sure to let others know and understand your perspective at all times.

    Job Duties/Responsibilities:


    Respond to member inquiries

    • Hear, learn, understand, and respond as necessary


    Federal Policy

    • Be generally aware of federal issues which may impact ND

    • As necessary communicate those issues with our membership and media

    • Support US Chamber & NAM positions and letters of support when appropriate


    State Policy & Lobbying Efforts

    • Work closely with legislative affairs committee in development of policy

    • Manage legislative agenda

    • Attend legislative interim committee meetings and hearings

    • Attend regulatory meetings as necessary

    • Respond to legislative inquiries and draft legislation

    • Develop & manage relationships with state legislators, elected leaders, and agency heads

    • Work with Political Action Committee


    Legal Responsibilities:

    • Review and offer suggestions on legal matters as able


    Initiated Measure Campaign Management

    • Organization

    • Strategy

    • Budget

    Local Chamber interaction

    • Involvement in government affairs process as able

    US Chamber monitoring

    • Maintain communication and knowledge of their activities

    Special Projects:

    • Participate in Special Issue Working Groups

    • Participate in legislative and political events as needed



    • Contribute to GNDC communications

    • Contribute board and member updates as assigned


    Other Duties as assigned:

    • Assist with new member and member retention when needed.

    • Assist with sponsorships when needed.

    • Other duties as assigned.



    • Bachelor’s degree in political science, public relations or a related field with master’s degree preferred.

    • Proven and demonstrated experience developing and successfully advancing policy initiatives.

    • Experience working with internal staff and external lobbyists.

    • Must have extensive knowledge of politics and the legislative process at the state and local level.

    • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    • Excellent analytical skills.

    • Must have the ability to work independently.

    • Must be willing to travel.

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