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  • Legislative Update with Supports, including a note from GNDC President & CEO

    Legislative Update with Supports, including a note from GNDC President & CEO

    A Note from GNDC’s President & CEO:
    We want to report on another good week for ND Business and GNDC. The last time we did this (week 6) – we saw success in a lot of bad bills die. This week, it’s the opposite. We loved seeing bright green boards for bills that will provide resources to business, specific to the areas of workforce.
    Workforce is one of GNDC’s policy priority areas due to the fact that it is the most critical component of our members’ success. Currently, our unemployment rate is 2.1% and our labor participation rate of 69%. The unemployment rate measures the labor force that want a job but aren’t working, the participation examines the population who are employed. North Dakota regularly has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation coupled with the highest participation rate, which indicates a robust job market. However, we are burgeoning into too much of a good thing. Too many companies have open positions. Our businesses rely on their workforce for growth and success. When our businesses can’t find talent to attract to fill slots, they aren’t reaching their potential. This is where things get creative.
    GNDC applauded passages of HB 1168 (automation tax credit) and SB 2142 (immigration office establishment) in their current forms this past week. These are resources that businesses can tap for immediate assistance in attracting and developing their workforce. These are not traditional tactics – this is a response to a changing workforce and openly embracing new possibilities to get the job done.
    Our state relies on business to be the creators of wealth – to sustain and provide for every North Dakotan. We know you are doing the best with what you’ve got – we want you to have a wider array of tools. GNDC shepherded these bills to this point and can’t wait to see them hit Governor Burgum’s desk. We are excited that we could get them here for you, our members.
    Arik Spencer

    Bill Count: 989

    • House count: 576
    • Senate count: 413
    Active Bills: 245 – they need to act on 15 bills per day to get done on May 4.
    Signed into law: 325 (4 vetos)
    GNDC Tracking: 210
    Days left in the session: 17 (max) 

    Voting boards that GNDC loves
    Look at that green board! HB 1168 - Automation Tax Credit

    SB 2142 - Establishment of Office of Immigration, 64 yeas/28 nays


    Other GNDC-SUPPORT bills that have passed both chamber AND signed into law:
    1060 – Flexible permits. transportation
    1181 – Special permits for excessive size, transportation
    1199 – BND line of credit to build CTE centers
    1234 – ban the ban specific to 
    1241 – Workforce education innovation program
    1266 – Renaissance Zone 2.0
    1286 – Removal of oil trigger tax
    2113 – DOT flexible transportation fund