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  • Load Restrictions Lifted to Ensure Supply Chains Remain Open

    Load Restrictions Lifted to Ensure Supply Chains Remain Open

    Effective immediately Governor Burgum issued an executive order lifting load restrictions on North Dakota roads, joining 25 other states who have taken the same action. Load restrictions are placed on roads to protect them against damage due to the frost coming out of the ground. But in light of the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic keeping supply chains open is crucial to provide the goods that we all rely on. The trucking industry is working overtime right now to meet demands, especially in healthcare and food retailers. Some may be cautious about this decision, as is the GNDC, but the NDDOT will be watching the roads closely and can close sections that are showing excessive amounts of damage. Now is the time to open our roads for industry to meet North Dakota supply chain demands.    
    GNDC reached out to industry partners to get thoughts on this Executive Order:
    Commissioner Doug Goehring, North Dakota Department of Agriculture

    “Spring is a busy time for producers as they get out into their fields and turn livestock out into pastures. The lifting of the seasonal road restrictions on state highways will help ease any barriers to ensuring that critical infrastructure - including food and agriculture - can continue to operate efficiently. I’ve been working with the North Dakota Department of Transportation this last year regarding state highway load restrictions. In the last several months, they have been changing their approach to monitor the road base more frequently and would incrementally lift restrictions one ton at a time as the strength of the road improves. County and township roads are under local control and businesses in those communities need to work with their county commissioners and county engineer to determine how they will approach load restrictions on the roads under their authority.”
    Ron Ness, President and CEO of the ND Petroleum Council:
    “We thank Governor Burgum for signing Executive Order 2020-11 waiving the N.D. spring load restrictions on state highways. This action is a testament to his vision and willingness to listen to keep the North Dakota economy rolling. This was a positive message to our North Dakota oil field service companies. This can help the business community continue to operate and keep employees working at this time of unprecedented challenges for our industry and the State. We also appreciate the hard work by ND DOT Director Bill Panos to make this happen.”