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  • Manufacturing in North Dakota: Part 1 - Yesterday

    GNDC understands the importance of manufacturing to the state's economy. The primary sector industry accounts for 6.71% of the Gross State Product. Much of the nation has experienced a manufacturing recession over the past 20 years; however, North Dakota has seen growth and expansion within the industry due to strong market growth and automation opportunities. To celebrate manufacturing week, GNDC will further examine the industry in a three-part mini-series: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
    What is manufacturing and the 10-year trend of manufacturing in ND?
    What is manufacturing or maybe a better question is who are manufactures? Currently, there are over 800 manufactures within North Dakota producing food products, agricultural, industrial and aerospace equipment, electronic components, fabricated metals, wood products and petroleum products. These products are used within the state and are shipped around the world. In-state manufacturing accounts for 6.71% of the states Gross State Product (GSP) and they employ over 25,000 North Dakotans.  
    North Dakota’s manufacturing sector has a strong and important role in North Dakota’s economy. The manufacturing industry has seen continued growth over the past 10 years. In 2008, manufacturers posted $2.93 billion in total GSP and in 2018, $4.22 billion in total GSP, an all-time high for North Dakota.       
    Often diminished is how competitive North Dakota manufacturers are in the global markets. North Dakota manufacturers exported $3.84 billion of product in 2018 with 86.53% to Canada and Mexico, who remain our top markets. These two countries are not the only ones North Dakota products are sent to, other top markets include Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. 
    This industry sector is crucial to the state’s economy and is in part why the Governor proclaimed October 4th as Manufacturing Day in partnership with local and national manufacturing associations. Manufacturers across North Dakota last week and this week hosted events to connect future workforce and consumers with manufacturers. It is important that North Dakota’s future workforce know the importance manufacturers play in the state and the rewarding and high paying jobs available in the industry.      

    Photo Credit to Luke Sharrett / Bloomberg via Getty Images file