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  • Marketing Q&A Part 2 with Odney VP, Brekka Kramer

    Marketing Q&A Part 2 with Odney VP, Brekka Kramer

    Business marketing efforts continue to live on shifting sand due to the pandemic. Messages remain transitional and media placements flex as budgets and priorities realign due to needs. Companies are weathering the storm but it's important to look past the current to plan for the future.  

    In Part 2 of this two-part Marketing Q&A, GNDC visited with Brekka Kramer, Odney Vice President. She discusses what can be done as businesses move past the initial impacts and plan ahead. Part 1, with Roger Reierson - Flint Group, reviewed current trends and potential efforts to protect and plan for their brands.  

    GNDC: What advice do you have for businesses to prepare themselves for future promotions?
    Kramer: Planning for a new normal after COVID-19 is key to your brand’s success. More than ever before, customers, visitors and employees are going to care about hygiene, cleanliness, and safety. Preparing with a thorough strategy will put you and your business that much further ahead. People invest themselves emotionally in brands and act and think accordingly. How will your customers feel when things re-open? What challenges are your customers facing and which ones can you anticipate? How can you help? No matter what industry your business is in, communication about new policies, practices and changes is vital.
    This year is an election year and this will influence the noise/availability of spaces – how should people plan media buys or efforts around this?
    Along with COVID-19, an election year will likely impact your media plans. Consumer behaviors and habits have already changed. Online platforms are bombarded with brands trying to reach their customers all day, every day, and that is only going to increase throughout the year. Make sure you are reaching your target audience with the right message at the right time.

    Why should companies be ensuring this item stays in their budgets? 
    Businesses will be eager to get back in front of their customers and viewers, and the competition will be strong. Ensure your strategy positions you best against your competitors. Continuing to build your brand with the right marketing plan for this new normal will get you the best results.

    Are there additional resources that you can provide? Does Odney have any tools you could share?
    Yes, Odney has compiled a few questions to ask yourself and your team as businesses build their strategies. 

    Kramer serves on GNDC's Board and is a member of the Executive Committee.