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  • Policy Outlook on Childcare Recap

    Policy Outlook on Childcare Recap

    Our first Policy Outlook occurred on Oct 26 – focusing on Childcare. These brief virtual meetings are part of our policy development process.
    Jessica Thomasson and Kay Larson joined us from the ND Dept. of Health and Human Services to provide an update on the implementation of the historic childcare package that was approved by the Legislature this past session.
    Insights from the meeting:

    • The Working Parents Childcare Relief program is currently available. This is a matching employer benefit pilot program in which the State provides matching funds when an employer provides employees with a paid childcare benefit. 
    • DHHS is currently working on a program to expand childcare during non-traditional hours. 

    What we know: Childcare is a potential workforce barrier to tens of thousands of existing and potential ND workers.
    • Affordability plays a significant role in an employee’s decision to enter/remain in the workforce as approximately 88% of jobs in the ND labor market pay an average wage of $35/hour or less. Families may have a feeling they are working exclusively to pay for their daycare.
    What’s next: Our Workforce Policy Council will be meeting to further discuss this topic – interested in engaging? Sign up now – positions determined by this council will set GNDC’s legislative agenda forward.
    Other councils currently open for commitment include infrastructure, business climate, and manufacturing.
    Next Policy Outlook will focus on Immigration on Nov 7 at 9:00. Register today.

    Both the Childcare Outlook and the Immigration Outlook are sponsored by Cloverdale. These member exclusive events are being recorded and recording requests can be done by email.