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  • Special Session - it's going to go fast

    Special Session - it's going to go fast

    Joint Appropriations met until at least 6:30 on Monday. Things are changing at a rapid pace out of necessity to ensure they get done – they may wrap up on 10/25,
    GNDC is watching a few bills and has provided support - check out a few select items below:

    • 1543: CTE’s inflationary funds (GNDC submission)
    • 1544: $2 million appropriation for Office of Legal Immigration (GNDC submission)
    • 2393: OMB Bill (GNDC submission) $30 million for Development Fund

    Additionally, an income tax relief bill was introduced on the floor by Rep. Hagert on Monday. This would provide income tax relief to the tune of $91M. It would raise the income threshold for the 0% tax bracket. A 2/3 vote was required to move the bill forward. It received 71 green votes, surpassing the minimum 62 votes and was heard by the Joint Appropriations Committee on Tuesday.