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  • Spring 2020 Report on Business Launch

    Spring 2020 Report on Business Launch

    Often sitting in the editor seat, GNDC’s Director of Communications, Amanda Remynse doesn’t contribute a column in Report on Business. However, this issue is different. It was only fitting to give her a little space as we launched the Spring 2020 issue to our members.  

    The Missing Column to the Issue that Wasn’t Ever Planned
    COVID-19, which started as a whisper far away in the world, has changed everything we know. From supply lines, crisis planning, PPEs, shelter-in-place, conferences, and webinars to four-year-old birthday parties – no one is really immune to its impacts. All industries flexed into a “new normal” dictated by social distancing and operated by remote work. Kitchen table cubicles were fashioned. Some of us may be using Fancy Nancy and Cinderella books to prop our monitors up. Zoom, a word that previously gained fame in Mazda commercials, became the breakout platform utilized to connect with people both professionally and socially.  
    This issue of Report on Business was never in the publication calendar – what was slated was an issue on infrastructure importance. When the virus reached into our lives, the team at GNDC determined a refocus on what was happening around us in real-time needed a spotlight.  We had talked with members and heard struggles and strategies. We wanted to highlight these stories as there is nothing more powerful than passion in the pursuit to thrive.
    This quarterly publication will look different than any Report on Business before it. The stories show organizations working through transition and turmoil. Each having their own pains and each creating their own paths forward. Thank you to those willing to take some time to share your perspectives. Readers will empathize and glean insight from this virtual edition. Printed versions will not be sent to shuttered, black offices and remote workers.
    By now, we expect each business and each industry is finding its new rhythm. North Dakota will continue to rally through 2020. In the meantime, wash your hands, kiss your kids, and pet your dog, we really are #inthistogether.

    By Amanda Remynse – who may have written this in sweatpants and worn-out slippers at her kitchen table