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  • Summer 2021 Report on Business Launch with the Missing Column

    Summer 2021 Report on Business Launch with the Missing Column

    The Summer Issue of Report on Business should be in your mailbox - or it will be soon. This issue focuses on the importance of various elements of infrastructure including important work being done by GNDC members across the state, KLJ, Rail Modal Group, and the Garrison Diversion. We launch this issue with GNDC Director of Communication, Amanda Remynse's quarterly column. 

    The Missing Column to the Summer Issue: MY HUSBAND'S PURPLE SHIRT

    My husband got a new shirt last week. It arrived before I got home. When I came home with our oldest child, he was wearing it - waiting with somewhat bated breath to see if I’d notice and if I liked it. I had a choice to make at that moment. I could compliment this beautiful purple polo that I knew had made him happy or I could go on with my life, undistracted by the pageantry at play. As I prepared to open my mouth and comment, my daughter beat me to it, “That’s sure a pretty purple, Dad.”
    Now our eldest is quick as a wit, see a past column for the caliber of conversation that my favorite 5-year-old and I have had on our car rides. She was able to come into the situation and whether she knew what she was doing or not, she took action. She may not have known that it made him beam, she may not have been aware of how nice it is to compliment someone, and she may not have realized that it was even a new shirt. However, her exchange and observation mattered. She assessed her environment and made a comment that produced an outcome – a positive feeling in this world for her and him, and ultimately me observing the whole ordeal.
    So much of what GNDC does is similar. Okay, we aren’t commenting on the purple polos of the world but we are assessing situations to make a positive impact for change. We watch ongoing circumstances, policies that are bubbling to the surface made or promoted by decision-makers. We work to understand the conditions, benefits, motives, impacts, ramifications and we respond.
    Our work is about prompting good business policies to remove restrictions, provide certainty in regulation, lower business costs, and invest strategically for growth. Sometimes GNDC weighs in on policies because we have made touchpoints with members we know are, or will be, affected. Conversations continually happen with industry experts, trade associations, board members, and businesses. However, there are times when we don’t talk with these stakeholders. We act and respond to policies because we have assessed the situation and can see the writing on the wall. We aren’t fortune tellers with a crystal ball, we work to keep ahead and work to assess so we know with certainty what policies are good for business or bad through intentional means or unintended consequences. There is a great importance in understanding and assessing these situations.
    My daughter may not ever realize the impact she made by her quick observation and quick comment. Or she may have been totally aware that in an instant, she made the world a little brighter. By sharing her opinion, she made her father happy with his choice. She may be oblivious of my silent observation of the importance of assessments and even more so, the magnitude of acting on those assessments. After all, it really was a pretty purple.