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  • Summer Magazine Launch with the Missing Column

    Summer Magazine Launch with the Missing Column

    The Summer Report on Business should already be in hand. The issues is a salute to GNDC Board of Directors - they formulate broad policies that govern the activities in the best interest of the membership, GNDC Partners, and the entire business community. We have an amazing board and the issue was fantastic to put together. If you are interested in our board, applications are now being accepted.
    As usual, we launch this issue with GNDC Vice President of Operation & Outreach, Amanda Remynse's quarterly column:

    Missing Column from GNDC’s Summer Report on Business: Lessons Learned from Literature
    I read to my children every night. I’m a big lover of books and literature and I hope that they too find solace in the written word. Here’s the thing though – I’m selective of my books. I like rhyme, I like cadence, I like wit and humor… don’t give me a garbage plot with zero character development. Currently my favorite series is Oi Frog about a frog that doesn’t want to sit on a log but I also am big fans of Frog and Toad and select Seuss books.
    Lately, I love reading a book called Owl at Home – it’s mini stories about an owl that lives alone. My favorite is Tear-Water Tea. Owl decides to sit down one night and make tea – but in order to make this beverage, he has to fill a kettle with tears. So, he thinks of things that make him sad – sunsets no one sees because they are sleeping, pencils too short to use, songs that cannot be sung because the lyrics are forgotten, the list goes on. As he thinks of these things, he cries into his teapot until it is full. From there, he makes his tea – which, spoiler alert, is very good but a bit salty.
    My children think this story is okay but I giggle at it every single time because of the melodrama. I love that he sits down to have a good cry and honor the things that pierce his soul. But upon further contemplation, what about the other way around? There appears to be no beverage or hotdish honoring the victories in Owl’s life. While we know the things that make us sad – whether they be business or personal, are we taking time to honor the joys? Reconciled bank statements where everything makes sense/cents, packages/supplies that arrive before we expected them, speakers that say yes when asked to present, employees that hit an anniversary mark, no accidents on the job for another day, taking down a “help wanted” sign from your window, or even 10 years of marriage, children that go to sleep on the first try, dinner that gets eaten with thank you’s said, no weeds in the front yard.
    Sure, there are things that bring on the tears and maybe they are okay to make Tear-Water Tea over; however, you better be ready to put away your kettle when it’s done. You should know when to put on your party pants. Celebrations, both big and small, keep our hearts light and make the tough items easier to stomach. In the meantime, I will be joyous over my cherry tomatoes that didn't need miracle grow, slightly sob over my missing favorite pen, and appreciate that I get to experience both feelings!