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  • We want Chamber Champions. No if, ands or buts

    With the Legislative Session over the halfway marks, the rubber is hitting the road and the proof will be in the pudding. The work done during legislative session is important – policies are made and laws are set. While North Dakotans may have suggestions on where to go and what to do – the real drivers of the work are the Legislators. Those individuals elected to represent their constituents have the steering wheel in hand, deciding what course the state is taking and even when to fill up the tank.
    Here’s the not-so-secret secret, GNDC has been watching these legislators. We’ve been listening to their floor speeches, we’ve watched their committee work and most importantly, we watch how they vote. Our legislators set our business climate – this is a powerful position. The policies that they put forth either cracks the armor of our business climate or fortifies the steel. These policies send messages whether about North Dakota is really open for business, or not. Businesses are generators of wealth in our state. It’s not just about job-creation. It’s about contributions to the state’s GDP, tax base, and quality of life. Without business, where would our economy be? Let’s not think about that, let’s go back to who is sitting in the driver’s seats.
    GNDC holds legislators accountable by scrutinizing their voting performance – because that’s the truest definition of just where they stand. GNDC selects business-related bills and compiles scores based on alignment with our priorities. Good bills that promote free market values and grow business receive a higher score. Bills that create overreaching regulation and harm our economy are penalized. This objective score solidifies a legislator’s priorities. Are they supporting businesses, the wealth creators in our state toward a bright future? Or are they bad for business, creating harms or hazards with their decisions?
    We want Chamber Champions. These are legislators who align with business on legislation 85% of the time, or more (hopefully). These individuals understand the issues that business leaders face; they want to attract and retain businesses. These individuals should be commended. These legislators are prioritizing growth for our state. These are the serious legislators - ones that look beyond single scope projects to see the wholistic picture, all the cogs in the machine. It’s because of these legislators, and similar-minded ones before them that our state’s business climate is the envy of others. GNDC wants it to stay that way.
    So, to those driving the car – GNDC, with our members, are holding the map and we are watching where you are going. 
    See our scorecard from last session. 

    Register now for our GNDC Legislative Report where we will announce our Chamber Champions. This is a member-exclusive webinar on June 6.