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  • What's so "special" about the OMB bill and the Supreme Court?

    What's so "special" about the OMB bill and the Supreme Court?

    Due to the recent ND Supreme Court opinion Bd. of Trustees of The N.D. Public Employees' Retirement System v. N.D. 2023 ND 185... we may be in store for a legislative round-up in November. 

    What happened:
    The ND Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the ND Office of Management and Budget appropriations bill (SB 2015) violated the ND Constitution because it focused on more than one subject. Because of that, the Supreme Court voided the entire bill.
    What does this mean: OMB’s appropriation bill has been called the “kitchen sink bill” in the past because it is often the final bill passed and many different pieces are included. SB 2015 in its final form had 68 sections.  
    What's next: The Governor and Legislative Leadership are discussing next steps and timing for a special session. The Legislature can use their 5 remaining days; remember they are only allotted 80 days each biennium, they used up 75 days and were trying to save for these types of unplanned sessions. Governor Burgum can “call them back” – which won’t set the timeclock then and they can continue to hold those 5 days in reserve.
    What to expect from GNDC: We will be monitoring the situation closely and are currently assessing the impacts to the business community. GNDC will be on-site at the capitol, no matter if it’s saved days or a special session. We will be providing regular updates on the “bills” that will be discussed to determine potential areas of impact for the business community. Stay tuned, you know we are.