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  • Winter 2022 Report on Business Launch with the Missing Column

    Winter 2022 Report on Business Launch with the Missing Column

    The first Report on Business for 2022 will be hitting mailboxes soon. If you aren't receiving or would like to change your address, please contact Chris. This issue provides a look into the bioscience industry, including a primer overview with a deeper dive into the subsects of medicine and agriculture. We appreciate the Bioscience Association of North Dakota, Bristol Myers Squibb, and the ND Corn Growers Association for contributing to showcase an industry that is changing the business landscape of our state. 

    We launch this issue with GNDC Director of Communications, Amanda Remynse's quarterly column

    The Missing Column to the Winter Report on Business Issue: THINGS MY MOTHER WANTS TO READ ABOUT

    Shortly after our last publication came out, I had dinner with my mother. The conversation came around to work and life happenings. She commented that she had seen my column, “it lacked the color of previous columns.” I may have silently chuckled as she quickly went on to say, “but it was well written!” Now I didn’t take offense to this criticism, not one iota because I knew what she was hinting at.
    In my past, I have used my column space to examine content and situations that are more personal in nature. These include car conversations about the Governor with my then-4-year old daughter as well as my husband’s brand new purple shirt. These insider peeks at my daily happenings are what my mother was looking to read. This is nothing against the storyline of the column under critique, the Nebraska bicameral legislative process. That subject is low on my mother’s priorities, she would rather have read about her grandbabies. She wants an update specific to what is happening on their horizons. 
    Now I don’t blame her, which is why I didn’t take offense. This topic cherry-picking is what we all do, what our members do and we at GNDC are aware of it. Not every member wants to hear about every aspect of our work or what keeps us busy. Some members care very much about workforce impacts. Some want to hear about regulatory policy. Attentions are also on the gas tax, economic development, transportation concerns, technology policy, leadership lessons, or legislative impacts… the list goes on and on. We all have those specific topics that we want to hear about, that enlist our focus. GNDC cares about the issues that are concerning our members and the impacts on the business climate in our state. We have developed policy statements with our members to ensure priorities are made. These also provide us insight on what to report on. Sure, not every issue to every member carries the same weight but know that all these matters have a place on our radar.
    Now I know my mother will be saddened once again by this column. There’s no mention of the blue-eyed cuties that I live with or the brown-haired sass that I sing to sleep each night. However, now she knows that I know what she’s looking for and I will work to include a bit more personal flare in my next piece.