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  • Winter Report on Business Launch with the Missing Column

    Winter Report on Business Launch with the Missing Column

    The Winter Report on Business may have arrived in your hands last week with GNDC’s Policy Positions. We are proud to partner with TechND to feature their State of Technology Report. Their report complimented our focus well – economic development. Check out member contributions from Jamestown Regional Airport, Lewis and Clark Development Group, and North Dakota Assoc of Rural Electrical Cooperatives.  
    As usual, we launch this issue with GNDC Vice President of Operation & Outreach, Amanda Remynse's quarterly column:
    The Missing Column to the Winter Report on Business Issue: My Husband – The Dish Putter Away-er
    I married an amazing man – who talks to himself. Well, maybe he was talking to me. The other day while he was emptying out the dish draining tray, he uttered to the universe, “It seems that I’m the only one that does this.” He said it with no tone, no inflection, no direction. It was a matter of fact statement. I didn’t take it personally or feel defensive. I noted this observation and thought – hmmm, he’s not wrong.
    Now, if you’ve met my husband, you know he’s not known for his animated tone or antics so all of what’s taken place in my kitchen seems on brand for him. However, this casual observation made me think and ponder the ongoing production in the household. See, we both wash dishes, we both cook (he’s better than I am), we both plate meals, set and clear off table. Let’s look further at this division of labor. I typically do laundry and sweeping while he handles lawn mowing and all things automotive. I dust, I keep track of the kids’ clothes/sizes, sew the snowpants holes, watch the insurance things, handle doctor visits, am first line of communication for teachers. He does all the finance-y, math-y, money things. I spend the money on coffee. We all have our jobs and roles.
    And that’s the thing – each of our contributions add to the quality and richness of our lives. I think that’s how the state runs too. Each business is doing their job, performing their work, and adding value. Whether they are providing services or creating goods – not only are they adding to the state’s gross domestic product, they are enhancing the tax base, creating jobs, and ensuring citizens are able to continue their pursuit of their own American dream. Each business offers their goods or services in a unique way to better add to and diversify the economy.

    I bet Cloverdale never throws their arms down and says, “We have to bring the bacon again? Geeze!” Midco never says, “We don't want to put any more fiber into the ground. Nope!” The Title Team has never once said, “We are tired of seeing people’s signatures – no more house buying OR selling. We ain't doing it!” No, these businesses have their hustle on – they are working each day to do what they do best. Like Marvin, who has opened new space but not to start curing hams – they needed further supports to their window (and more) manufacturing and distribution operations. Cassie's Cleaning Company isn't setting up shop to prepare 990s and tax audits - they are making their mark on residential and commercial properties in the way they know best.
    Division of labor isn’t a new concept – observations have been made in developing civilizations. Results have demonstrated increased productivity and outputs, additional benefits include availability of goods and specialization. Maybe the connection isn’t here, maybe I’m looking for justification on not taking on my self-created jenga dish pile, but my husband’s height does lend him to have a “leg-up” on this task. Meanwhile, shoutout to businesses who continue to “own” their corner of the world – you are securing North Dakota’s future and success.