• Infrastructure Week Full Agenda

  • North Dakota needs infrastructure. This vast network of interrelated sectors connects our state beyond our borders and secures our position in the world. Infrastructure provides households access to higher quality opportunities for employment, healthcare, and education. Our economy needs reliable infrastructure to ensure these connections are occurring between cities and people, to provide for supply chains and the movement of goods and services.

    This series looks at different sectors from the perspective of subject matter experts who work day-in and day-out within these industries for the success of their business and North Dakota. 

    The infrastructure week webinar series will utilize the zoom platform. Following each panel discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions to the panelists. To receive call-in information, attendees will need to register in advance. Recordings will be made available to members following the event. Non-members can pay a one-time business rate of $50 - which will provide company-wide access to all 5 sessions. 


  • ND’s Pipeline Progression – May 10 ND’s Pipeline Progression – May 10

    Pipelines have been polarized in the public eye for close to two decades. Protests and politics have been at the forefront of North Dakota’s pipeline progression creating a tough terrain. North Dakota continues to see pipelines as a key to transport energy resources to market. This discussion will look into the current landscape as pipelines are critical to both infrastructure and the energy industry.

    Speakers will dive into the necessity of pipelines, maintenance and operations, the current political climate, and ongoing growth and development. This is a conversation for those that want an insider perspective.

    • Justin Kringstad – ND Pipeline Authority, Executive Director
    • Ken Dockweiler – True Companies, Director
    • MODERATED BY: Mike Teague, ONEOK, Inc., Vice President


    • Why are pipelines needed?
    • Pipeline project planning/execution and operations
    • Political climate
    • Growth and development


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  • ND Aviation Needs– May 11 ND Aviation Needs– May 11

    North Dakota is home to 8 commercial air carrier airports and 89 public-use airports. Aviation is an important industry to our state as it serves a variety of critical functions that range from public transportation, emergency access, aerial crop spraying, and unmanned aircraft. Airports, no matter the size, help to create jobs and diversify the economy. North Dakota airports generate approximately $60 million in annual state and local sales tax revenue, support a workforce of 12,000, and further provide $1.5 billion in economic activity. Even during the current COVID-19 pandemic, North Dakota airports did not close; they were able to ensure that emergency-related personnel and products have been able to efficiently enter and depart the state.

    This conversation will feature the perspectives of subject matter experts within the industry. Representatives from both large and small airports will discuss the current and future needs of airports.


    • Ryan Riesinger – Grand Forks International Airport, Executive Director
    • Mike Nehring - Mohall Municipal Airport, Manager
    • MODERATED BY: Steve Synhorst - Mead & Hunt, Project Manager


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  • Connectivity and the Speed of ND – May 12 Connectivity and the Speed of ND – May 12

    North Dakota ranks 22nd in the nation specific to broadband access. With the exception of a few less-connected counties, statewide internet coverage is fairly widespread and consistent. 41.5% of North Dakotans have access to fiber-optic internet service, which is higher than the national average, 25% coverage. Investments in technology have ensured that North Dakota remains competitive. Reliable and affordable internet has been made possible by private business, co-ops and state government. These players collaborate, cooperate, and compete to further North Dakota’s position in the global market. As we fully grasp the importance of technology advances, the next big questions are, what’s next on the horizon and how does North Dakota stay ahead of the curve?


    • Justin Forde – Midco
    • Seth Arndorfer - Dakota Carrier Network
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